6 Ways Aluminum Is Used in Everyday Life

What are the ways aluminum is used in everyday life?

  1. Packaging for food
  2. Daily transportation
  3. Construction work
  4. Kitchen tools
  5. Electrical power
  6. Sturdy furniture


When it comes to aluminum profiles, suppliers in the Philippines rely on the amazing attributes of the material for the many products that they distribute. Aluminum has a multitude of applications in the industrial field as well as every household. In many palpable ways, the material opened up new dimensions for simplifying and increasing the quality of our daily lives.

Oftentimes, we use aluminum almost every single day and we don’t really realize it as much. Let’s discuss some of the common applications of aluminum in everyday life:


Packaging for Food

Packaging For Food

One example is aluminum foil. Aluminum foil remains in constant use. It consists of very thin sheets. From processed meats and sandwiches to dairy products stored in the fridge, aluminum foil is used in the packaging and preservation of food because it serves as a barrier against oxygen and water. Along with baking soda and hot water, it also helps in cleaning silverware.

Aluminum is also widely seen in a lot of cans; it can easily support the carbonation pressure of sodas. And it is by far, the most recycled beverage container. They’re also lightweight and easily stacked. In this way, it provides storage and shipping efficiencies that limit overall transportation carbon emissions with logistics and supply chains.


Daily Transportation

By all means of air, land, or sea transport, we use aluminum to some degree not only for external materials but also for mechanical components. The best example is that of airplanes where it is preferred due to its cost and relatively low weight.

Having a car is considered a necessity in today’s world and the identification of these vehicles means a license plate. Aluminum plates can be made easily and it is also recycled into other products with ease.

Apart from license plates and vehicles, aluminum materials are used along with other metals to form an alloy wheel. They are lighter, have better strength and better conduction of heat which is why the material is also used in the rims.


Construction Work

Construction Work

Companies like One Sky Philippines can attest to the fact that aluminum is necessary for construction work due to its flexible and malleable nature. It is a suitable material for supporting structures when properly combined with other components. Air tightness is one of the primary benefits of using aluminum in construction work. It does not suffer the same deterioration that plagues materials such as wood and steel. Aluminum is easier to work with as opposed to most other materials. This ultimately leads to a great deal of cost savings during the construction process.


Kitchen Tools

Aluminum is a common presence in the kitchen because of its good conductivity to heat. From serving utensils like spoons, forks, and knives to saucepans, aluminum utensils are sturdy pieces of material that can last a long time. Aluminum heats and cools down quickly, making it popular with short-order cooks in fast food chains who need to work quickly and efficiently. Compared to other materials, aluminum is less expensive which appeals to a lot of restaurateurs on a budget. Lastly, it has low toxicity and is a safer, more hygienic choice than any other metal.


Electrical Power

Electrical Power

Aluminum has several advantages over other metal materials like silver, gold, and copper mainly because of its low cost and weight. Aluminum is used for high voltage towers wherein the power line should be light, flexible, and as economical as possible.

The material itself has high resistance to corrosion and is easy to weld which makes electric installations more durable and easier to repair. With the material’s superior conductivity, it is now used for wiring in residences, buildings, and other appliances.


Sturdy Furniture

Aluminum is often used in furniture designs because it is both strong and durable and won’t rust when exposed to harmful outdoor elements. In spite of its strength, it’s a light metal so other types of furniture won’t be that difficult to move around if you want to position it inside or out under the sun.

Aluminum is also used in windows frames as it is cheaper, lighter, and resistant to corrosion which makes it ideal for outdoor use when they are continuously exposed to moisture and humidity in the environment. Unlike other materials that require special care, aluminum simply needs soap and water for cleaning. The great thing about using aluminum outdoor furniture is that it comes in a variety of styles and finishes that are able to suit your style.


Key Takeaway

Most aluminum profile suppliers in the Philippines will tell you that aluminum makes a great material for everyday use. Today, companies like One Sky Philippines are dependent on this metal.

Aluminum is used on a bigger scale in a larger picture, whether being used as an electrical conductor, for transportation, the conservation of food, or in constructing the framework of buildings and other structures. The objects we use every day are made simpler and easier with aluminum.

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