A Guide to Buying Stainless Steel from Suppliers in Metro Manila

A Guide to Buying Stainless Steel from Suppliers in Metro Manila

Whether you are in need of the right material for personal projects or for business purposes, it is important that you choose the appropriate stainless steel for the task. There are many stainless steel suppliers in Metro Manila that offer a wide range of material selection that can fit a spectrum of uses for different industries in the Philippines. So it is of utmost importance that you immerse yourself in adequate research in order to center and focus in on the specificities of how stainless steel plays a role in your endeavor. This article aims to serve as a general guide to selecting the right stainless steel and an overview on choosing the ideal stainless steel supplier in the Philippines.

Stainless steel is essentially an alloy element of iron that contains chromium levels of about 10.5%. Chromium is known to produce a thin layer of oxide on the surface of the steel which is known as the passive layer. What this basically does is prevent the build-up of corrosion on the steel’s surface exterior. What happens when chromium levels increase is that the stainless steel becomes corrosion resistant.

There are varying amounts of carbon, manganese, and silicon that are found to be contained in stainless steel. It is also evident that other chemical elements such as nickel and molybdenum may indeed be added as to impart other pragmatic properties to the stainless steel such as an enhancement in formidability and an increase in resistance to corrosion.

As previously mentioned, stainless steel is utilized in several kinds of industries due to its multitude of applications. In the most general platforms, stainless steel is a crucial component of minute building materials such as springs, bolts, nuts, washers, wires, etc.

  • For domestic cases, stainless steel can be used for cutlery, sinks, washing machine drums, razor blades, etc. For architectural purposes and civil engineering, stainless steel is typically used in cladding, handrails, door and window fitting, street furniture, structural sections, reinforcement bars, lighting columns, etc. It is also worth mentioning that stainless steel is definitely ideal for gym equipment.
  • The transportation sectors also utilize stainless steel in exhaust systems, car trims, road tankers, ship containers, chemical tankers, etc. In the oil and gas industry, platform accommodation, cable trays, subsea pipelines, etc. would be non-existent without stainless steel.
  • For the chemical, pharmaceutical, and medical industries, stainless steel is commonly used for pressure vessels and process piping, along with the many necessities in the medical field, such as surgical instruments, surgical implants, MRI scanners, etc.
  • In the field of water materialization, stainless steel is a crucial component in sewage treatment, water tubing, and hot water tanks, to name a few. For the food and drink sectors, stainless steel is usually used in catering equipment, distillation, food processing, and brewing mechanisms.

General Types of Stainless Steel and Their Applications

General Types of Stainless Steel and Their Applications

Stainless steel suppliers in Metro Manila generally offer 5 types of stainless steel, each identifiable through their own purpose-dependent qualities:


This type of stainless steel is based on chromium what contains tiny amounts of carbon that are typically less than 0.10%. These stainless steels have an identical microstructure to low alloy and carbon steels. These are typically limited in use due to their relatively thin sections and lack of toughness in its welding. Ferritic steels cannot be hardened by heat treatment, and are usually chosen due to their resistance to the cracking of stress corrosion. It should also be mentioned that this steel is magnetic in nature.

Applications: Automotive exhaust systems, heat exchangers, axles, shafts, fasteners, food industry appliances, automotive exhaust system components.


The most common type of stainless steel. This stainless steel’s microstructure is derived from the incorporation of nickel, manganese, and nitrogen. It consists of the same structure that is apparent in ordinary steel at much higher temperatures. The structure grants this steel its dual characteristics of weld-ability and formidability. Chrome resistance for austenitic steels can be increased with the addition of chromium, molybdenum, and nitrogen.

Applications: Fastener, fittings, gears, general purpose applications that require welding, applications that involve elevated temperatures, chemical applications, and applications that require welding.


This type of stainless steel is identical to ferritic steels, in the sense that they are both based in chromium and have generally higher levels of carbon which allows them to be hardened and tempered in the same way as carbon and low-alloy steels. Moderate corrosion resistance and high strength are the essential characteristics of this steel. Martensitic steels are commonly in the form of long products that are in a sheet and plate form –generally low in weld-ability and formidability.

Applications: Bearings, knives, and other water resistance applications.


Duplex stainless steels have a microstructure that is in approximation, half-ferritic and half-austenitic -this dualistic quality gives it more strength than either. This type of stainless steel is also highly resistant to stress corrosion cracking. Lean duplex refers to the steel variation that is formulated to have the same corrosion resistance to basic austenitic steels but with improved strength in terms of stress corrosion cracking resistance. Superduplex, on the other hand, refers to the steels that have improved strength qualities as well as a higher resistance to all forms of corrosion.

Applications: Heat exchangers, pressure vessels, and desalination plants.

Precipitation Hardening

This steel has the ability to develop incredibly high strength levels with the addition of elements such as copper, niobium, and aluminum. With the appropriate aging heat treatment, the very fine particles are formed in the matrix of the steel, and the strength qualities are harnessed. This type of steel can be manipulated and machined into very fine and intricate shapes, given minimal distortion from the final treatment.

Applications: Aerospace, nuclear, and chemical applications, valves, fittings, and fasteners.


Types of Decorative Stainless Steel Sheets and Finishes

Types of Decorative Stainless Steel Sheets and Finishes

For more aesthetic-centered projects, stainless steel suppliers in Metro Manila also have many stainless steel designs each with their own material purpose as well. These come in the form of decorative stainless steel sheets, magnetic stainless steel sheets, mirror finish, etc.

Bright Tree Bark is a stainless steel that functions as the ideal surface treatment if you are in need of a very fine and distinctive stainless steel that provides architectural texture. The application of Tree Bark can give any bathroom or kitchen a powering visual appeal. It also has the capacity to provide strength in applications that require the ability to handle high impact and heavy use.

Random Swirl is another popular treatment that is identical to a brushed scheme, however, is more random in appearance. It is commonly used in upper-tier kitchens as a backsplash behind the stove or sink. It is also easy to clean and does not show any trace of marking.

Bright Quilt Stainless Steel has the ability to give kitchens and bathrooms a beautifully striking appearance. It also offers great strength capacities with moderate impact tolerance. The pattern is effective for applications where breaking up a horizontal and vertical focus is the aim.

Bright Ocean is mainly used just for decorative purposes, these include, bar tops, storefronts, light fixtures etc. But there are many other possible applications for this stainless steel; it has an irregular pattern that is subtle in its appearance and compliments a variety of design elements—erect for areas that call for a certain texture.

Bright Checkerboard stainless steel is popular for architectural applications. It is especially desirable for commercial wall coverings or areas that experience high traffic volumes such as public facilities and corridors.

Satin Quilt is a stainless steel that gives kitchens a distinct architectural appeal. The satin design is desirable for purposes that break vertical or horizontal purpose. The pattern also has a great capacity for strength and impact resistance, while maintaining its attractive finish.

Connecticut Style or Hammered Connecticut stainless steel sheets are commonly used for decorative purposes that include light fixtures, sinks, and a variety of other means.

Harlequin Quilt consists of a mixed bright quilt and satin panels that enable the stainless surface to break up light reflection in order to further accentuate the richness of wood and fine cabinetry.

Bright Hammered stainless steel is a pattern with great potential for projects that seek a distinctive décor. It is widely sought after for cabinet surrounds or any accent treatment on exterior walls.


Choosing a Stainless Steel Supplier

Choosing a Stainless Steel Supplier

Do not rely and settle on hollow advertising and marketing that are convoluted with claims as to a company being the ostensibly ‘best in the game’. It is imperative that you fulfill your right as a potential buyer to do your own extensive research. Below are key questions to help guide you through the process of selecting amongst the many stainless steel suppliers in Metro Manila:

Do they offer a wide array of choices?

First and foremost, it is an important thing to consider choosing a stainless steel supplier that has the capacity to provide many options for you from their inventory. It is most ideal if they can provide you with an extensive catalog that will, in turn, enable you to select the best and most appropriate stainless steel that fits in with all your requirements.

If it winds up being the case that you end up with a supplier that only offers very limited selection, then it is possible that you might not be able to find the material that you are specifically searching for. With the many stainless steel suppliers in Metro Manila, it should never be the case that you settle for a product that does not meet your specific requirements.

Do they have a good track record?

It is always best to go with a supplier that has been very well-established and is highly-reputable; one with many years of experience under their belt. It is always worth it to go the extra mile in terms of double-checking on their claims and historical records, as well as their general reputation as a business. If it is the case that that most of their previous clients that you have been able to get in touch with all share the same positive feedback about their experience, then it is wise to rely on their word for it.

Although this would be most ideal, if you are heavily inclined to go with a newly-established company, then you must exhaust all means to ensure that you assess their produces and also their management, operations, and customer service teams.

Do they manufacture quality products?

This one definitely goes without saying. Your primary concern when selecting and working with a stainless steel supplier in Metro Manila is the assurance that you are provided with nothing less of the highest-quality products from their company and for your purposes.

Make it a point to ensure that you are picking a stainless steel supplier in Metro Manila that offers selections of premium quality components and parts. The importance of this is so that you would not have to suffer through any of the anxiety and hassles of early-stage wear and tear.

Do they promise fast delivery?

A final and seemingly inconsequential component to choosing a stainless steel supplier in Metro Manila is whether or not they exercise utmost precision and efficiency in terms of product delivery. Besides the overall reliability of a supplier in terms of quality in their products, fast and efficient delivery should also be one of your top priorities.

Exercise our right as a potential client in the stainless steel industry by comparing the different alleged delivery times of each of the various suppliers that you are putting into consideration. This is also especially crucial if you are amidst having to meet certain deadlines and even feel the responsible urge to have parts delivered way ahead of time.

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