What are the Uses of Tempered Glass?

What are the uses of tempered glass?

  1. Automotive Use
  2. Screen Protection
  3. Construction Material
  4. Commercial Uses
  5. Home Appliances
  6. Solar Panels


One of the most common uses of tempered glass is providing protection for smartphones, but there is more to this material than you know. Tempered glass is a highly durable and strong type of glass that is used for many applications aside from the previously mentioned purpose.

Tempered glass is a strong type of glass that can resist breakage far more than the different options for glass including annealed glass. It is not impervious to pressure but it is safe enough for those types of accidents since the glass shatters in blunt pieces.

What are the other installation options for tempered glass in different industries, find out here!


Automotive Use

Most of the vehicles that you see are protected with tempered glass for everyday use. Car windshields use this type of glass since it can lessen the dangers that a normal glass would impose. Once the car has run into a collision, the broken glass shards coming from the windshield can lead to serious complications for the person behind the wheel and his passengers.

With the use of tempered glass, the pieces of glass are non-threatening since it is not lethal enough to kill. The use of tempered glass in vehicles has led to increased protection for cars since its strong properties are not likely to break off during an accident and its shards are designed to protect the people from getting injured by it.


Screen Protection

Screen Protection

As you might have guessed, the application of tempered glass for monitors is included in this list. Although the smartphone is the most well-known device to use this type of glass, a good deal of electronic equipment with monitors are also perfectly utilizing the tempered glass for their protection.

Nowadays, you can see laptop or PC screens and even gaming consoles like the Nintendo Switch with tempered glass since there are a lot of people who are using this as a screen guard for devices. This is a preventive measure that can protect monitors from any untoward accidents. Additionally, tempered glass is scratch-proof which is why it is a great addition to devices.


Construction Material

Contractors are appreciative of tempered glass as well because this is a safe and practical option for their projects. The safety that tempered glass can provide for houses is especially highlighted. Its durability can be maximized in a number of ways which is why it is one of the most used construction materials for windows, sliding doors, skylights, bathtub enclosures, shower doors, balcony doors, and even swimming pools. Office environments can even use it for their doors, and they can even use it for their writing boards.


Commercial Uses

Commercial Uses

You can see tempered glass in public spaces and for commercial uses every day. On your daily commute, ads that are on display at bus stops are guarded by tempered glass. There are elevators that are laden with tempered glass as well. The number of commercial uses gives way to the flexibility that tempered glass can give to different applications. Not to mention that it is an affordable choice for different kinds of uses.


Home Appliances

You have probably seen this on the appliances that you have at home and tempered glass is one of the best materials for them because of its heat-resistance and durability. You can most commonly see this use in microwave ovens because they have a tempered glass dish on the device that serves as the asset that can allow food to heat at a high temperature.


Solar panels

Solar Panels

Solar panels are highly regarded as one of the most eco-friendly energy sources for people. With the purpose at which the panels operate, it is no wonder that engineers have constructed their form to withstand heat and extreme stress. With this, tempered glass plays a part in making up the efficient use of the solar panels. Since tempered glass is also known as toughened glass, it is mainly used for panels that require high-strength applications. Additionally, there is an option to choose a plate or a tempered glass for your panels but most manufacturers and consumers usually choose the latter.


Key Takeaway

If you are simply using this as your guide to learn more about the uses of tempered glass, then feel free to make informed choices about the products that you use with this type of material. It is important that you know how capable it is to withstand the heat, strength, or durability agents that it will be subject to. By knowing where else you can find tempered glass, you can find out if it is a match to the project that you have in mind. Let this serve as your reminder that tempered glass is one of the best types of glass that you can find on the market which is why you can use it for more than a dozen applications.

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